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With Each Master, Our Goal Is To Create A Masterpiece

Masterpiece Studios was founded by Sylvia Moy, the talented producer/songwriter of numerous internationally acclaimed hits, such as “My Cherie Amour”, “This Ole Heart Of Mine”, and “It Take Two”. Moy is the musical genius behind many other renowned Motown hits. As Motown’s first female producer/songwriter, prior to her passing, Moy had received over 15 gold and platinum records, 6 Grammy nominations and more than 20 Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) awards.

Moy firmly believed “state of the art audio and visual equipment at your fingertips may produce great sound and images, but it takes more than the best equipment to create the best productions. That’s why Masterpiece Studios insists upon using the finest equipment and the finest creative people on every project.” Masterpiece Studios talented and experienced music professionals will save you precious time and money by offering you the ultimate in audio and visual productions at competitive prices.

Masterpiece proudly offers the services of our professional and experienced Master Audio Engineer/Producer, Music Video Producer, and Multimedia Services Producer. Our studio consists of two state of the art facilities equipped to render audio and visual services. However, our services also may be produced mobile on-location, as needed.

In that no two audio or visual productions should sound alike, to ensure creative uniqueness and technical excellence, our Master Audio Engineer/Producer, Music Video Producer, and Multimedia Services Producer, will assemble a team of professional award winning songwriters, record producers, musicians, vocalists, multi-track technicians, scriptwriters, cinematographers, videographers, lighting specialists, cartoonists, and graphic artists that fit the unique creative requirements of each production. To eliminate unexpected “surprise” costs, our “Package Deal” is “No Surprise Package”. Our creative professionals and budget experts will assist you in planning the costs of pre-production, production, and post-production stages of your project.

We are proud to offer the services of Travis Williams as our Master Audio Engineer/Producer and Eugene Wilson as our Music Video Producer, and Imad Mohamad as our Multimedia Producer, and Johnna Wade as our Graphic Designer. Our studios allow us the flexibility of controlling production costs while taking the necessary time to create the best possible product.

Here is a sample list of the Custom audio/visual services we offer:

Original Songwriting, Identification Songs, Music Videos, Industrial Videos, Scoring for Films, Stage Productions, Commercials, Political Commercials, Jingles, Theme and Continuity Music, Public Service Announcements, and Documentaries.