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Songwriter Hall of Fame With A Motown Legend

If you plan on being the first person to do something, then you might as well set a strong pace for others to follow. Not only was Sylvia Moy the first woman at Motown Records to write and produce for the Detroit-based music label, but according to Berry Gordy’s autobiography To Be Loved, Moy was directly responsible for the label keeping Stevie Wonder.

By the time Moy was inducted into the Songwriter Hall of Fame, alongside fellow Motown songwriter and producer Hank Cosby in 2006, she had already opened and managed her own audio and videography studio, produced several additional hit records, and dedicated her time and energy toward helping her community.

Now, the members of the Sylvia Moy Foundation have dedicated themselves to carrying-on Moy’s legacy by supporting music creators, encouraging their development through music education, and of course . . . . producing world-class music.